Bogotá - A Framer template for a creative business

Rara Design Studio
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Bogotá is a neatly crafted website designed with a creative business in mind.

It includes hover effects, soft animations, an events page, a pricing table and contact page.

The design is modern and clean.

The template is built on Framer a platform that makes it easy to make changes to your site while delivering best-in-class SEO, performance, and hosting.

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What do you need to launch your new site?

  • A Framer account (free)
    • Your Framer account acts as a hosting service, if you choose to have a CMS you´ll need a paid plan which can vary from 5$ a month to 28$ a month. Visit their pricing page for more info.
  • A domain ( You can personalize and use a free framer domain or you can connect your new site to a custom domain you purchased on a platform like Namecheap or Google domains.
  • Personalize the template with your own brand colors, logo and typography.
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No refunds

Given the fact this is a digital product there are no refunds.

Last updated Oct 14, 2023

You´ll get a Framer template for a service-based business.

Soft animations
Global colors
Global typography
Lifetime updates
Responsive design
Calendly integration
Events page
CMS integration
Eventbrite integration
Pricing table

Bogotá - A Framer template for a creative business

0 ratings
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